About us

Translation Agency Lingvosolutions was founded in May 2009 in order to support Oil and Gas Industry by rendering translation services, which appear to be a link in international business activities. By knowing Atyrau is a capital of Oil and Gas Industry in Kazakhstan and a lot of international companies operate here, the head office was registered here in Atyrau with focus on the most demanded languages.

Being based in Atyrau we support companies located in Aktau, Aktobe, Astana, Almaty, Russia, Germany, and UK.

We listen, learn and carefully control the translation process to see to it that there are no mistakes in our work. The work model that we follow enables us to address to any time zone in the world. The internal review processes at Outsourcing Translation ensure maximum accuracy in relevance and context. Our translation services are custom-made, entirely based on your needs. While translating, we take care of aspects such as meaning and tone of the translated document. Our service is Customer oriented and fully based on the Customer needs. Our translation services have been used by international companies, government bodies and other translation agencies.

All our translators have minimum 10 years of experience and appropriate education with necessary diplomas and certificates, it allows us officially to declare the legal force of our translations.

Lingvosolutions - 2023